Bun + Turban = Cuteness

Have any of you noticed that turbans are in?  Well, I have!!! One of the style blogs that I follow along with a fave youTube channel of mine has discussed this new trend.  I gave the trend a whirl last weekend to update my bun with something a little more refreshing.

The scarf that I used is actually thrifted, I felt that I really completed the look with my thrifted earrings & scarf.  I normally don't wear scarves because I have a lot going with my outfits - so I feel like the scarf is just too much.  I wore this scarf with a purpleish t-shirt dress.  It definitely worked!


  1. cute! You use a banana clip for your bun right? I can't find a good one :(

  2. @ Jazz - Yep, I use a banana clip, the ones that I purchased this round from Rite Aid (forget the brand) have held up well! I broke the ones before that. However, I do think they give me headaches at times :-/

  3. I love this look!!! Very cute, and I love the pattern on your turban :)

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