It's my birthday so my hair has got to be right!

So, I've always been a fan of celebrating, especially important things like birthdays, promotions, life accomplishments, etc.  In honor of my birthday, I felt the need to "bring it" with my hair.  I did another roller set, however this time I used smaller rollers (click here for my first roller set).

I used the rollers that are 3/8" thick, they are pictured above - you can find them at Sally's. The ones I have are grey.  Result pics shown below.

I love this style - it's super cute!  I don't see it being a regular because of the amount of time the styling takes and the amount of actual wear I get from the style.  Also, it's just not logical to wear my hair out with the type of job I have.  I do like this style for special occasions, I may wear my hair like this for a wedding I'm in next weekend.

The first pic is from today = day-old hair.  The second and third pics are from yesterday.  I set my hair with kimmaytube's leave-in conditioner  and aloe vera gel and slept in the rods (OUCH).  I took the rods out and separated some of the larger sections on Monday morning.  Setting your hair is not difficult, it just takes time and patience.  Tip to naturals doing this style: Be sure to use small hair sections on the rollers.  If you use large sections, the hair won't curl and will be more afro and less-curl.

I expect this to look nice for another 2 days MAX.  I've been putting a satin cap on it at night and moisturizing in the AM.


  1. First off, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

    I do love your new style. I think the grey rollers are the perfect size. I'm really loving the day-old look. Let us know how long it actually lasts.

    Again, Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Thanks Libby, funny thing is...last night I put my hair in twists, I was tired of having it on my face in this heat! lol!

  3. Hope you enjoyed your birthday! The style is cute! Can't wait for my growth to get where you are at ;)