Noisettes Singer: Shingai Shoniwa

With all this snow out...I have some extra time to surf the net for some of the things I love (natural hair being one of them).  My cousin originally told me about fashion mogul/singer/artist Shingai Shoniwa, and now, I feel the need to share the fabulosity of this woman with all of my followers.

Can we say FIERCE! This is natural hair inspiration. Her hair, her style, she's just abso, abso FABULOUS!!! I would love to try some of these styles, however, I'm sticking to protective styles in 2010.  Thus, I doubt I'll debut any Shingai copycat styles anytime soon. HOWEVER...I recently found a new protective style: 3-strand twists!  Look out for pics and info on them some time soon...

Check out more information on her group, The Noisettes here.

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