Rootsy Natural

One of my favorite natural hair blogs, Black Girl with Long Hair, suggested some natural hair group definitions for fun.

One of them is the "Rootsy/Rootzy Natural." She displays a "never taken a comb to my hair look."  I rarely rock rootsy styles as I feel that people will think that I did not "do" my hair, like the title.  This weekend I feel that I sort of fell into a rootsy look.  This was achieved after a semi-failed 3-strand twist turned attempt-to-bun turned eff-it, Ima let it do what it's the pic

I was surprised at the numerous compliments I received while rocking this style.  I definitely felt like my hair looked "undone" however it obviously looked cute to some people. Thus, if it looked cute, it must of looked DONE, LOL!  Is it just me?  Does my hair look "done."  Sometimes I psyche myself out with my hair, making sure I don't look "too" natural...I know it's not right, but I do feel that way sometimes...

Check out BGLH for the original post on types of naturals here.


  1. I don't think it looks "Done", but I would say it looks like the natural black girl equivalent of the "just rolled out of bed/tousled sexy/ I dont care how my hair looks and because I dont care it looks great" style that our white friends seem to covet. I wish my hair would look awesome and piecey like that, but alas, I have a couple of randomly straight sections of my hair that would doom that style from the start. Looking good girl!

  2. Thanks Sam, I didn't think of it like that and I think you're right...