50's-Inspired Pin Curls

I am SOOOOO happy that the Saints won the Superbowl yesterday.  I said WHO DAT?!?!?!  Ok, now back to the real item of the hour, my newest style...a 50's-inspired pin curl style.

Sidenote: I really don't know what era this style inspiration came from, I really saw a little girls' hair from watching Boyz n the Hood and used that for inspiration and worked from there, lol, SMH! 50's-inspired sounds better than 'Boyz n the Hood' Inspired...LMBO!

Ok, I started off doing some box braids, and I realized I did not feel like doing the braids all over, so I stopped at the halfway point, did flat twists in the back with a fat twist on top...end result...
Side 1 (fat side b/c there's more hair on this side)
Side 2 (skinny side)

Ok, enough pics!  I thought it came out pretty cute.  Not sure that I love the back, but I do like the front.  I think I will take out the back to replace the flat twists with box braids tonight and pin curl the braids in the back.
Tutorial: Part hair in half across the center of your head. Plat box braids in the front section. Flat twist the back section up towards the middle of your head. Take the excess from the flat twists to make one large twist across the top of your head. Pin-curl sections of the braids - I pinned three sections on the fat side and one section on the skinny side. Use a bobby pin to secure the curls.


  1. very cute....might have to try this, after my 2 week hair break, bout to go get that that good good blowout :o) My once a month treat to myself....Have you ever seen ALTernative Hair solutions on Facebook with Anika Lee Thompson? I have been going to her salon and love it she Pre-poos:o)

  2. Thanks Jeannine! I'm so debating heat on my hair...it's so thick I feel a too much is needed to get it straight and I FEAR heat damage! Can't wait to see pics of yours (FB). I haven't seen ALTernative Hair solutions, but I will check it out!!!