Shots from Instagram

1. Fun time in the pool | 2. New rings I love | 3. Weekend stroll | 4. Shoes my mom picked up, then returned | 5. Hanging at a bar in Ann Arbor with college friends | 6. Mommy & Naja | 7. Newest J. Crew catalog | 8. Things Naja finds on the ground and tries to eat | 9. Shot of me & Naja at 11 months | 10. Naja - she's a sucker for the camera | 11. My little politician | 12. Me rubbing arms with a guy on the bus...unintentionally | 13. Naja smothering uncle with kisses | 14. Car ride to Michigan | 15. My shot - filled with water | 16. Me and the broham

Life's been busy! Something about the summer ignites a lot of happenings, it's fun, and I'm liking it! I thought I'd sum up my past few weeks in photos from instagram...after all, everyone else is doing it.

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  1. Love the 3rd row! Not sure what that last pic is lol.

  2. @Jazz - lol, I realized (later) that I should have added captions! It's a picture of me on the bus sitting next to a guy who was basically leaning on me - quite funny!