Happy Mother's Day 2012

Naja with Mimi & Grandma (my mom & her mom)

This year's Mother's Day activities were similar to last year's - we went to my grandmother's church, and the men of the family prepared the food for all of the women. I received more than a handful of cards, texts, tweets, and even got some cupcakes over the past few days. My spirit was blessed by all of the warm gestures from friends and family.

These past 9+ months have been a whirlwind with highs and lows. Having a daughter of my own has given me a newfound appreciation for my mom, and all of the other mom's out there. To all of the moms out there - know that you are adored, appreciated, admired, and loved. Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Happy Mother's Day! You have a beautiful family. :-)

  2. Thanks Libby - you're so kind, I always enjoy reading your comments!