Weekly Update 6.3.12

Playing outside in my favorite new dress (of hers) from Target
Sometimes she poses for the camera - I love it!!! 
Always with something in her mouth

It's been a LONG TIME! Over the past 30 days, I've had two traveling trips for work, which has placed blogging on the low end of the totum pole. I haven't taken any pics either - eek! Here's what's new...

Naja has a full head of curly hair. I've decided to 'tame' her fro and moved to pigtails for ease of detangling, and to minimize knots. I miss her fro, though she did rock a braid out this weekend.

I firmly believe that Naja could walk...if she wanted to. In fact, I've seen her take a handful of steps on her own when "no one is watching." If you applaud her for her steps - she screams in angst. She prefers to walk while holding someone's hand, and she throws a tantrum if you let go. I think this is my first lesson in learning that your child does things on his/her own schedule. As a parent - I'm letting go of already over-extending wanting my child to walk "early." It's no longer a priority - she will walk (consistently) when she wants to. *Kanye shrug*

Naja is sleeping through the night *Does Dougie*!!! She sleeps from 7:30/8 pm until 6:30/7 am, and takes one or two naps during the day - it's awesome! In other news - she is still teething, I've lost count of the number of teeth she has coming in, I think it's at least another four.

Finally, I am in the midst of planning Naja's 1st birthday party.  Right now, I'm thinking of having a dance party theme where we have a DJ nice iPod playlist, food, and dancing. I know she's only 1, but I don't know of any babies coming, and Naja loves dancing so much - I'm pretty sure she'd love it. She can wobble better than anyone I know.

In other news
...My mom and I are chartering a graduate chapter for our sorority in the county of VA where we live.
...One of my best soror friends recently relocated to the area, and works at the same company as me, and thankfully, she's encouraging me to get out more.
...I have my first baby free non-work related night free trip in a few weeks and I'm slated to see a handful of good friends who I haven't seen in years - I can't wait!
...I'm also scrambling planning to do something for my birthday, which is 15 days after Naja's. Erykah Badu, Common & Estelle will be in town, I'm aiming for something easy and low key.

Is it just me - or are the summer months an extremely busy/crazy time?

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  1. Summer is only just beginning and already yours is loaded! lol Lots of celebrations all the way around.

    Just loving all these gorgeous pics of Naja. :-)