Weekly Update 4.30.12

This week...

Playing outside, she loves it!
Little Miss Personality 
Clapping and still getting over a cold...
Playing with mommy :)

Naja and I hung outside all day Sunday. We blew bubbles, walked with her giraffe walker, and basked in the sun!

On Tuesday, Naja was sick - she caught a runny nose virus from her uncle, that resulted in several sleepless nights. Funny thing was, while she was up at 3:30 am - she clapped for the first time! She knew just what to do to get me to smile :)

Naja's personality is developing more and more - she's blossoming into a little diva. She can really throw her head back when she doesn't get what she wants...I didn't know kids did this at 9 months??? No worries though - I don't let it get to me, I just distract her by doing something that makes her laugh.

Despite the lack of sleep, - I still managed to get 3 marathon runs in this week, totaling about 9.5 miles. I missed one 6 mile run, but will make it up next week. The runs have been feeling pretty good - I'm just adding mandatory snacking to my diet. Food = energy!


  1. Has it been 9 months already? Wow! Time really flies. Congrats on staying strong with the marathon training. You can do it! Hope you have a great week ahead. :-)

  2. Her eyes are gorgeous!!!!
    She is a doll baby :)


  3. Thank you ladies!!!

    @ Libby - who are you telling, I need to start planning for her first bday party now!