Weekly Update 5.6.12

Not loving the car ride
Pausing only for a moment for a kiss from mommy!
Beignets to-go from Founding Farmers
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My little busybody

This week was a bit meh, and this week's update is all about Naja, which is very fitting considering the past couple of days weeks we've had.

We have officially passed the quiet reserved baby stage, and moved into full out active baby mode! Naja will give me approximately one hour of being content in her stroller (aside from jogging), and after that - she wants to be FREE! Naja will fly out of your arms to try to walk and run - preferably outside, with help (of course), and she throws a fit if she can't do this. I mean crying, screaming, throwing her head back - an all out fit. I'm at the point now where I remain calm while this happens, and I typically oblige to her desire to be an adventurous child.

She'll be 10 months in a few days, and she's just shy of walking, so I don't expect her to sit in a restaurant, waiting for food, "socializing" for 2 hours. However, this stage makes family dinners, and any type of social outing a bit of a moot point (I.e. I miss out on the adult socialization part). I honestly think it's great that she loves to be so active and observe plants and critters. When we are outside, you can tell she's in heaven - not a peep, aside from an occasional whim to the little critters she sees. She also loves other kids (and dogs). When she sees them, she smiles and tries to make friends via gentle love taps and kisses.

It's a new stage, and I'm still adjusting. In the meantime, I should plan to hang out with people with kids who want to do similar things so that we're all caught outside chasing walking around with our kids, instead of sitting inside a restaurant socializing.


  1. I think you've just described the defining moment between people with kids and those without. I know this moment oh so well (being one of the ones without, kids that is). It's when you realize that your friends' lives have simply changed and that change cannot always include you, so when you do have the pleasure of hanging out, you relish the moment. I'm sure you will find your own sense of equilibrium soon. :-)

    Naja is definitely developing her own personality. It reflects well in your pictures. So beautiful. :-)

  2. @Libby - you are so right! It's kind of a bummer since the few friends I have with kids are scattered across the country. Boy I tell ya - these next few years are going to be some interesting ones!!! Naja's personality is fairly easy to capture on film - she has A LOT of it! lol

  3. I have no idea what beignets are, but they look SOoooo good! Naja is too adorable...look at those cheeks!!! :)