's the sitch

Dress - FCUK; Blazer - Anthro; Tights - Target; Necklace - Anthro; Earrings - Franklin Square; Boots - Franklin Square; Lips - MAC, Odyssey

Date: Friday, February 11, 2011

I got assigned a new project at work that requires me to travel Monday through Friday. I hate traveling, it gets old quick, mainly because I am unable to do the things I love - cook, blog, service. Thus, we'll see how long this "project" lasts...I have had a general lack of motivation in getting dressed due to my travel schedule. I've been packing, washing, cleaning and re-packing. I have been wearing clothes, but very generic, not super-cute clothes.

Today I said - screw it, just look good - forget about your place, which is a mess, and do something FOR YOU. This is what spurred the mini-dress in February. Why? Because I feel that I look good, and sometimes a girl needs that in her life. I'm also going thrifting in Harrisburg today. So, here's to a great that involves family, thrifting and lots of fun - and no work allowed!


  1. FCUK I forgot all about that store. That dress is so cute and you know I love the polka dot tights!