3in6 Hair Challenge Update

I'm right in the midst of week 4 of the 3in6 Hair Challenge, and I'm surprised to say that I've learned and re-learned some things about my hair. I'll break my learning's down by weeks.

Weeks 1-2: I wore small/medium two-strand twists. I washed my hair at the end of week two, and I noticed that a lost very little hair in my wash session - probably half of what I typically lose. I think this was due to the fact that I went straight from to my twists to my wash routine. I normally wear my hair out for one or two days after twists. Observing the minimal hair shedding/loss led me to see that even one to two days of wearing my hair out in loose form affects my hair retention.

Weeks 3-4: I attempted a new protective style at the beginning of week 3, and it was an ultimate FAILURE! The style was a side-cornrow style with the rest of my hair in medium-sized two-strand twists. After I saw the style, I realized that I do not like cornrow styles on me - personal preference. After the failed attempt, I twisted my hair in small two-strand twists. Since I did the FAILED style on wet hair, I also lost more hair than I expected due to re-detangling my semi-dry hair. I haven't twisted my hair on wet hair in over a year. I decided to try this old routine, because I didn't know when I would have time to twist it in the coming days. To my surprise, I found that this method of twisting on wet hair led to more detangling and hair breaking than I remembered. Clearly, that is something I won't do again. I really was about to call the challenge quits at the beginning of week 3, because I was not feeling how my hair was looking. Thankfully, I found another updo style for my twists that I received tons of compliments for, and that I love. Check out pics below.

I'm contemplating box braids for my Week 5-6 hairstyle, however I think I don't like box braids on me, so maybe I should just stick to twists...However, I know I'm getting tired of twists so I'm not sure what I'll decide...maybe I'll just bite the bullet and do some mini-twists - only time will tell!


  1. So, what is the recommendation? Twist on semi dry hair? dry hair? wet hair?


  2. @Patrice - thank you!!! The final verdict is to stick to twisting on dry, stretched hair. I typically allow my hair to dry overnight in about 10 braids, I braid right after I wash it.

  3. I guess this is why they call it a "challenge". I'm in Moptop Maven's challenge, but she's been quite ill for a while and the group has had no communication for feedback purposes. I'm doing my own thing and for now I called it quits and got some afro twists put in like I did last year. They look great, but I'm trying to make my newly found regimen work while working with a different style option. I'm hoping for the best in terms of lack of hair loss and keeping my hair moisturized and keeping my scalp from drying out. I guess we'll see in the end how both of these challenges go. lol

  4. You could try flat twists as well?
    The updo in this post is really lovely and I love the pairing with the glasses too.

    It's funny, because my hair experiences in the last couple of weeks have been similar to yours - on Sunday, I did my twists on wet hair for the first time in a year and I thought to myself afterwards 'This is why you stopped!'

  5. Thanks for that advice on when to twist your hair. I always did it on wet hair and wondered why it did so much damage. Thanks! :-)