The Best Shortbread Cookie EVER

Happy February everyone! I don't normally make extreme least, I imagine that I don't. However, I must say that these cookies that you are about to see are the best shortbread cookie I've ever tasted. EVER - PERIOD! BTW, I've tasted lots of shortbread, from Girl Scout Trefoils (on sale now) to the ones that come in the blue tin, to Panera's - all of which, are pretty dang good. These cookies are a win, indefinitely. Make these for Valentines' Day, birthdays, other holidays, Tuesday's Wednesday's...get the picture?

Best Shortbread Cookie Ever
Source: Dana - Treat Yourself
Makes 3 dozen

Since Dana got this recipe from a book, I don't feel comfortable re-producing a reproduction. Click here for a direct link. PS - if you do check it out, know that hers look better than mine!


  1. I love shortbread! How does this compare to walker's shortbread?

  2. Ah, you are sweet. You have a great blog here and a TERRIFIC sense of style. I have a closet full of clothes and think I dress pretty well, but clearly I need some inspiration and a bit more creativity. Keep up the good work!

  3. @ Kemi - hmm...never had walker's, but I'll say that I made a second batch for my family yesterday and there's only 3 cookies left!

    @ Dana - no problem and thank you!!!