Personal notes

Top - BCBG; Jeans - Urban; Blazer - Banana; Boots - Borrowed from mom; Earrings - Borrowed from mom; Necklace - Etsy

Date: Thursday, February 3, 2011

I warned you that I would be posting out of order. I actually did get dressed on Thursday, with the hopes to change into something a little more upscale. However, I got back to Philly at 3 PM, and my bus left at 3:30. I thought I would be cutting it close to try to make a quick trip to my apartment to change with that short time frame. Thus, I had to work with the outfit I packed. I do feel that the blazer stepped up the elegance of the outfit. However, I will also say that by opening curtain, my poor blouse had been through a lot, and it just didn't look the same.

Note to Self: When traveling, do consider the material of the outfit and it's "travelability" when desiring to look composed and classy. Cotton will almost never hold up well at the end of the day. End note.

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