My life over the past two weeks...

On Being a Semi-vegetarian...
I made a three-bean chili last week which was DELICIOUS.  Levi (boyfriend) actually ate it for 2 days, this means he REALLY liked it!

I purchased two cookbooks that both totaled $18 - YAY!  I got, Vegan Comfort Foods and Chili and Curry the latter was a cheap Borders cookbook - not vegetarian, but I love chili and curry so I think I can "vegenize*" some of the recipes.

*Vegenize is a word that I totally made up, I will pronounce it veh-jah-nize*

This week I started the week off with this Crab Egg Noodle Pasta dish which was an EPIC FAILURE :( I should be making some pizza later this week.  I'm making a homemade sauce, the pizza will be topped with goat cheese, kalamata olives and basil...hopefully it will turn out better.

Me and my hur...
I've been so busy, I haven't had time to even two-strand twist my hair.  It's been pretty ridiculous.  Here are some pics of styles I've been rocking.
Princess twists
Side twist w/ a braid
My 'Fro
I have to make a comment about my afro.  I wore my afro when I went into Anthro and I got compliments galore.  These girls were so surprised that my hair could "do that."  It was hilarious, one girl asked me, "where did you get it done?"  I simply explained that, "This is how my hair looks when I do nothing to it."  They even ventured to say I looked like a model.  I typically avoid rocking my natural fro because I have received comments such as, "Bad hair day?" or, "Did you forget to do your hair today?" when I've worn it like this.  Clearly I was shocked to receive such positive feedback at Anthro!

Sidenote: I have noticed that a lot of natural models have kinky hair and rock short-medium fro...not saying I'm a model or anything, lol!

My life in general...
I cut my eye in a bball game (I play 1/wk in a local league), so that's the generation of the scar over my eye if you see it in my hair pics.  It was just a deep abrasion from an elbow...nothing serious...

It's festival/flea market season in Philly.  Last weekend was the Spring Festival and the Fairmount Flea Market.  I picked up a GORGEOUS 1950's a-line dress from one vendor.  I will be showcasing it soon and will definitely post pics when I do.  I also picked up this great beaded Native-American inspired belt...probably from the 70's.  FYI...Pine Street Flea Market (4th & Pine) is this weekend!

I saw Corinne Bailey Rae LIVE in concert.  In summary, she's amazing.  I love her new album, The Sea, I feel that it's a soulful mix of rock and jazz.  Her voice is so pure - not a lot of vibrato - and I love it!  I'm going to see Erykah Badu in Upper Darby in a couple of weeks...I hope she's just as enjoyable.

That's it in a nutshell...hopefully I can get back to updating my blog more often, we'll see about that!

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