Day 2 roller set & mini-twists return

Hola amigos!

Things have been crazy (doesn't it seem like I always write're probably thinking..."So when are things NOT crazy?")!  Anyway, I only kept my roller set in for 2 days.  I'll tell you why after the picture.

Day 2 Roller Set
So, by day 2 of the roller set, I felt my hair was too wild for both my co-workers AND the hard hats I have to wear, out in free-form ;-).  Thus, the curly pony was functional and worked well.  Unforch, my hair does not like being out - it's a super absorber, takes in everything and dries out quickly, so I knew by day 2, there would be no day 3 for my roller set.  I put my hair in mini-twists again.  Here's a cute style I did with my twists.  It's sort of...Janelle Monae with twists...but more of a side-pomp w/ less to the front...RIIIIIGHT!

Sorry for the evil face :-/  I pulled the back of my hair into a french twist roll and used tons of bobby pins to hold them.  I used a single bobby pin and a couple extra hair pins to hold the pomp.   These mini-twists may be my favorite style.  I did the twists on Monday and still love them 1 ENTIRE week later.  This is quite abnormal for me...I'll see how long this lasts!  I am thinking that mini-twists will be the perfect style for me when I go on my vakay this summer!!!


  1. UHHHH...The curly pony is looking kinda full there girl :o)

  2. ;-) I'm so happy you said that, lol - thanks! I think I am doing well accomplishing my length retention goals! YAY!