The value of knowledge - New Book Series

For those of you who don't know, I'm an avid Kimmaytube follower!  Her recent vids have been AMAZING and because of her suggestion I purchased two books on black hair growth:

Grow It! by Chicoro

Ultra Black Hair Growth by Cathy Howse

My purpose in reading these books is to enlighten myself :) on black hair growth.  As a chemical engineer, I have the capability to understand the science behind how everything works.  Thus, this new knowledge should help me as I move along my hair growth journey.

Chicoro focuses on natural hair while Cathy Howse focuses on relaxed hair.  I've already finished Chicoro's book, and I have definitely learned from her book.  I'll highlight some excerpts moving forward.  I'll call these posts "Book Series" so look for more soon!


  1. oh i'll have to read at least one of these books!! They look good!

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