Did you know...

I think my "creative juices" for hair are dwindling (only for the moment), thus I've been shifting gears towards other things like music, food or REALLY my eating lifestyle and a balanced work out, while still working, living, loving, volunteering and spending QT with loved ones.  GEESH, that's a lot!

Anywho, I care about more things than HAIR (believe it or not)...here's something I recently have fallen in love with...well, I've always loved Jill Scott but this new song speaks to me.  There will be more to come about my other life ventures soon...


  1. Love it...Can't wait until the concert in June :o) Still have a little trouble thinking of her as an "opening act" in her home town, but fine whatever order MAXWELL, and JILL SCOTT WOOHOO

  2. SO...I'm definitely trying to go with Levi, we'll see if we make it there...I sure hope so!!!