And I call her...STUBBORN

In a recent post I briefly mentioned just letting my hair 'Do What it Do' well, I thought I'd share a pic or two...brace yourself...

I realized I couldn't do much to "shape it, so I decided to pull it up on top of my head using a stretchy headband I got at H&M, I got the following results:

It's my little brother in the pic with me, he can't keep a straight face.  Anyway, the point is even when my hair is stubborn, it still turns out super fab...SOMETIMES, lol!


  1. I discovered one of my favorite "going out styles" by not fighting with my hair. I had some excellent curls for Thanksgiving, and was going out for Black Friday. I did not want to rewash or co wash my hair 2 days in a row (to much manipulation) so i tried a banana clip,and LOVED It my roots were laid flat, and all remaining curls seemed to come to life at the top. YOUR hair looks great. everyone likes the stubborn girl LOL

  2. So cutE!
    I heart your necklace!

  3. Looks great. Everybody loves a girl with a mind of her own :o)