Long Hair Don't Care...

This weekend, I went shopping at one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie.  While shopping, I noticed the cute braided hair styles of the sales associates.  One had one side-braid with some bangs, another had the hair out/down with a thick braid tightly pinned back...and while I was admiring their hair...I think I was becoming dare I say...JEALOUS!  LOL!!!

I actually went back home and did a side braid myself (which had NO hang time), and styled my twists towards the front for my lil' bang.  I said to myself "long hair don't care!" It was quite funny, my BF was laughing WITH ME!

Speaking of long hair...the lack of this makes quick protective styles difficult at times.  I'm wondering if any medium hair length peeps have some quick PROTECTIVE go-to styles?  I had THE WORSE sitch today: I washed/conditioned last night.  I woke up in the morning and needed a quick protective style.  It was somewhat of a slight tragedy, but I lived - OBVIOUSLY! *My thick hair does not bun well, and my afro puffs do not fit under hard hats*  I've referenced one from kimmaytube before, but I'm wondering if anyone else had any other suggestions for quick styles for non-bunnable hair.  If so, please share!

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