It's that time of year again

Considering that I reached my 6-month mark, I straightened my hair.  I was well overdue for a good trim anyway.  Total, the stylist cut about 1/2", most of my fairy knots are gone. My hair is feeling MUCH better now, I feel like I've got a great fresh start for the remainder of the year.

The pictures are from the day I got my hair pressed.  My hair never likes to be straight, so I'm not surprised that it poofed so quickly.  I wore my hair in pin-ups for 5 out of the 6 days I wore my hair straight because the "out look" was a hot mess overrated. Good news - my hair reverted back when washed, so overall I'm pleased with the experience!  Check out my original post to see my typical experience with heat's normally not the best.  Just proves that knowing something definitely helps preventing damage.

Have any of you heat-styled recently? How was your experience?


  1. Isn't it fun being "flowy" for a couple of days...LOL I'm at 5 months no heat, almost there :o) Cute...Who did it? Where did you go?

  2. Wow, your hair has grown a lot since the other picture of your hair straightening experience. So how long have you been natural? I'm thinking of going to a Dominican salon and having mine straightened on my birthday in September which will be my one year hairversary. I'm kinda curious. :-)

  3. Braver than I for going for a press. You have definitely kept a lot of length. I actually like the slight revert, I prefer a blown out look to a pressed look (just me, lol).

    I haven't heat styled for years now. When I used to my hair would start reverting within minutes too. It never liked to be straight and I never liked using a lot of heat.

    I remember when I was a kid and had my hair blown out at a salon (mega heat), it still never stayed straight.

  4. @jhenny53 - Thanks! I did enjoy swinging my hair!! I went to another Jeanine at Spa Elysium in Chestnut Hill. She respected my wishes, uses good products and works at a professional establishment!

    @Libby - Thanks! I've been natural since 2004, though I've cut it many times since them. My last BC was in July 2008 - been growing it w/o chopping since then. It is fun to see how much it's grown in a straight style - just be sure to stand your ground if you go to someone else.

    @ Jc - Who are you telling! CLEARLY my hair is the same way! I prefer it with volume too.

  5. I love that 1st pic a lot!
    Your hair growth is so loVelY!