Hawaii...Vacation, hair & more


So...I was in Hawaii the week before last and last week.  I went to Honolulu, Oahu with my boyfriend.  I wore my hair in mini-twists throughout the trip.  It was a versatile style that allowed me to switch up my style and also wash it easily after I got in the water.  Here are some pics...

First picture, sunset on Waikiki Beach.  Second picture, me at the zoo - this is probably the best picture of me and my hair.  The third picture is one of me and a performer at the Polynesian Culture Center, she's Samoan, and they (YES, THEY as a people) have BEAUTIFUL HAIR.  Her hair was waist-length.  You can see that there is some texture to it.  I just had to take a picture with her!  If I feel "down" about my hair, I will think of her for inspiration!  The last picture is my boyfriend and me at the Waimea Falls water fall/botanical garden.

Hawaii was a beautiful, relaxing, fun adventure.  I would definitely recommend for anyone to go.  It's as expensive as YOU want it to be.  We did a lot of hiking and beach exploring, which is all free!  We had a wonderful time!


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  1. Pretty pics!
    Looks like fun! & your hair looks nice :-)