Friday Fun: Dinosaur-inspired style

FYI, I use anything and everything to get my hairspiration!  This style was inspired by me (randomly) thinking about how cool dinosaur scales are...specifically thinking of a T-Rex and how the scales stack up on her back.
Image credit, picture is of a Dinosaur cactus

Enough about the are my pics...

So I'm really giving you PICTURES!!! lol, this style is super easy to do AND will work on a variety of hair lengths.  I did this on braid-out hair and used bobby pins to hold my hair down. I just folded my hair to create the scales.  You can choose to add more/less dinosaur scales/layers.  I was in a hurry and kept it simple with 3 layers.  I can imagine me trying this style again with 10 layers...SUPA DUPA CUTE!

Finally, if you want a more "polished look" you can also opt to pin back the front/bangs portion to achieve the look below.

Have an awesome weekend!  PS - I did find out some interesting things on water chemistry as it relates to hair, look for that post next week!



  1. Cute style! Oooh, can't wait to hear the water report. In the meantime, I'm trying some new products from the Shea Moisture line. Gonna try a twist out with the Curl and Hold Smoothie. And crossing my fingers as I'm going to a conference and can't "fix" it as I would at home if it goes all wrong. lol

  2. Sooooooo fly! OMG! I love your creativity with natural hairstyles.

  3. Thanks Libby & Efe!

    @ Libby - Twist outs can be hit or miss for me, but I can normally find a way to make it work so I don't look too crazy! lol