Hair Bi-Polarization: Goals for 2010

OK everyone, for myself and followers, let me make it clear: I love having natural hair. I love the freedom from chemicals, displaying the beauty of my heritage and the individuality. Yesterday I was so frustrated with my hair, I thought about locking it again.

*If you didn't know, I did a big chop in July and started locking my hair in September, I combed out my locks with lots of water and conditioner in May to explore free-strand naturalness*

Last night I returned home from a late meeting and washed my hair with the intentions of starting to lock my hair - I was going to palm roll it. When I started rolling my hair I noticed a significant length gain from when I first combed out my locks. That's when I realized that length gain on MY HAIR is not easily noticeable. My shrinkage is sincere. It masks any length gain I may have experienced. Also, significant length gain is most noticeable over time. Thus, I'm going to give myself 6 more months of my free-strand naturalness to truly monitor my hair's growth. If I don't see significant progress, I will return to locks.  Here's my first length check picture after a fresh ACV rinse & co-wash:

January 2010 - Front
January 2010 - Back

Do you see the shrinkage on my hair? My shrinkage is probably 75% here, SMH.  However, when I look at my stretched hair I see growth. Also, when I compare pictures - I see growth (about 6.5" over 16 months OR 0.4"/month). *Hair is supposed to grow on average 0.5"/month* This is a pic of me from August 2008.

August 2008 - TWA
CLEARLY I've experienced growth in the past year and I cut/trimmed 3 times! I just have to remember how springy and shrinkage-loving my coils are. That way I don't get discouraged when I see no change when I look in the mirror. Despite what I see my hair is growing! Here are my Hair Goals for 2010:

1. Stick to a known regimen - this goes for products and regimen. Don't try to many new things as the old stuff is working well
2. Trim only when necessary
3. Focus on protective styling
4. Be gentle when taking DOWN protective styles *A friend suggested to oil hair when taking down twists/braids to give more 'slip' to the hair as I know my hair forms knots when I take my twists down, think lubrication*
5. Have fun! Natural hair is fun, thus, I should still experiment with cute styles


  1. Shrinkage is indeed no joke,I never know how long my hair is getting until I go for maintenance checks once a month when it gets blown out...curls are very deceiving, When my hair is curly I can wear my lambswool sweaters and my hair is well above my shoulders, when it is straight my ends hang a little past my shoulders, and I won't wear the sweater because the wool will be rough on the ends. But just a note, know that I have not had a perm in 14 years, and have been growing it (not cutting it with clippers once a week)for 11 years, and have been actively styling it for 5/6 years. It is an ongoing journey, when in doubt get braids, or buy a new hat:o) It will give you the time you need to regroup, and rest both yourself, and your hair. Micros are the weave of the natural world...Have some fun