More about my hair & more cute styles

Okay, this is going to be the LAST post about my actual hair texture - PROMISE *at least for now :)*  In looking at tutorials, style ideas, etc. - it really helps to understand the real hair texture.  I know I said I'm 4b, but I thought I would provide a picture of my hair wet for comparison.

Excuse the SOPPING wetness in the first pic, lol.  You may see that the back shows a slightly looser curl.  There is a CENTER PATCH (literally about 2" x 2") that is like 4a/3b.  It's crazy.  The middle is STRAIGHT 4b, and the top is a slightly less kinky 4b but still shows pretty tight coils.

Just for fun, I took some more pictures of some of the styles I've been rocking recently.  Enjoy!

First is a twist out half up-do.  I french braided the back and side to have the side-swiped bangs look.  The french braid in the back set this look OFF!  Totally swiped it from a girl on the plane on my way to ATL...I was STARING SO HARD at her hair to get a glimpse of the style.  I think I copped it pretty well.  To get the bangs, I twisted my hair towards the front and VOILA! for my pin up.  It's a little grandma to me, but it's a great "conservative" & PROTECTIVE style. I simply part and twist the hair.  I use 1,000,000 bobby pins to keep it firm and add clips for style. *I love clips*



  1. I think these styles are super cute. When I have my kinky twists I always do a french braid goin upwards. I sent Eboni a link to your blog on FB, but she was thinking about going back to locs. So I was searching for locs on here...

  2. Thanks - I forgot about this is super cute! I totally understand if Eb switches to locks, free-strand natural is ROUGH for certain textures!!!