Hair TRAUMA!!!

Beautiful blogosphere,

I recently experienced some hair TRAUMA!  My hair was doing well, it was healthy, felt moisturized, besides a few fairy knots here and there, I was rocking and rolling with the regimen I was using.  WHY THEN MUST WE CHANGE THINGS WHEN ALL IS WELL?

I think I got a little extra excited with all of my recent success in cute styles.  Thus, I decided to try ANOTHER NEW STYLE for Halloween. This style was inspired by Corinne Baily Rae *who if you don't LOVE, you should* I did the style on a Saturday &; did not have enough time for my hair to air dry and thus went out with wet hair.  Kimmay gives a tutorial for the style on youTube here.  I didn't take pics :( but it was SUPER CUTE.  Anyway...back to the story...this "not letting my hair fully dry in twists" led to my hair being hard to handle - it kinked up.  So, I decided to box braid my hair.  After braiding, I thought the style was ok, but I really HATE box braids on me, well, I just like twists a lot better.

So...after two days of box braids I take the braids out and wear a braid-out.  Which was cute, but something was ends felt ROUGH!  I had fairy knots galore and it was TRAGIC!  I don't THINK it was too much manipulation, I think the box braids (I do mine SUPER SMALL) lead to more fairy knots.

So, feeling my rough, moisture-less hair, I clarified it the next day with ACV & water and co-washed it.  Then I did my usual two-strand twist w/ shea butter, avo oil & aloe vera gel.  My twisted style was UBER-cute BTW!  See pics below.  The pics of me in the black are the day of, the pic of me and my friend are 2 days after I did the twists - you'll notice the twists curl more.


  1. Those twists are sooo cute!
    Your so pretty! I love your nose ring too.