Natural Hair & Conformity in the Business World

So...I must be having some sort of "creative blogging epiphany" because I have another great thought that I just HAVE to blog about.

Side note: I am now able to BUN MY HAIR!!! Only if it's stretched (co-wash and braid technique I discussed earlier).  Anyway, I get easily bored with not-so-cute and/or boring styles.  I took the bun down and was left with a head full of thick stretched kinks.  I pulled it to one side and thought...UBER CUTE!  Then I thought...dang, but is this ok for me to wear to WORK :/?

As a natural, I find myself often questioning if a certain natural style is or is not "work-appropriate" when the SAME EXACT hairstyle translated onto straight hair would be totally fine.

What do you do in these situations?  Do you conform to something you know is safe?  Do you "shake whatcha mama gave ya" (or wear in this case)?

As long as I have no super important conservative conference/meeting to attend, I'm going to SHAKE WHAT MY MAMA GAVE ME!!! lol :)  They'll have to get used to it eventually, right?

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  1. Girl, I think we don't talk about this enough. Many of the natural divas I look up too on youtube, fotki, or any natural hair forum aren't in a typical "corporate" environment so they aren't forced to comform like others. For me it is a constant struggle. Although I work in a refinery my hair is still perceived as "miliant, aggressive, and political". It may also be a demographic thing because I am in south Texas (where anything above Dallas is considered north or "Yankee"). I find myself everyday when I get up to do my hair thinking how others would perceive me. I would spend hours braiding my natural hair, twisting it in sytles, just so I wouldn't wear my fro out. I have even straightened my hair twice since being here. I conformed! I just started working full time in June 09 so it was about last month in October when I stopped caring. I knew for me to perform 100% in my job. I needed to be comfortable in my skin and the way for me to do that was wearing my afro out fully stretched. I didn't want to feel held back or conform anymore. Nothing wrong with spending time doing your hair, but sometimes I just wanted to be free and wear it out. Now, I shake whatcha mama gave me without hesitation, restraints, or regrets. Look at Ursula Burns CEO of Xerox she is natural and rocks a TWA. It is possible to change the publics or "corporate america's" perceptions of Natural hair in the workplace, and it starts with us being proud, confident, and bold divas fiercely rocking our napps. Great post! We could even discuss how natural hair plays a role in promotions (another passionate topic)!!!