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Hello Blogosphere! JIC I have any followers, know that I was away at a conference for work all week and this was the final look I went with for my professional conference:

I just did a twist out and pulled my hair back with a cute lil' scunci headband that I got from Rite Aid. So, before that I tried the Kinky Curly product that lots of natural girls rave about. I swore it wouldn't work for my 4b hair, but needed to try it to prove it. This is what my hair looked like right after my co-wash w/ the Kinky Curly product in it.

The KC product is supposed to LENGTHEN curls and DEFINE curls. I think this product is ideal for women with CURLY hair (4a/3b/3a) b/c this is what my hair looked like afterwards:

*Excuse my facial expression...I was not ready for the pic, and I was on a Philly Duck Ride bus.* So, CLEARLY I feel like my hair looks 1,000,000 times better with the twist out. I didn't like the product for my hair. It looks a lot shorter in this style and felt VERY dry. So that's my shpiel on Kinky Curly.

Not to back track...but I used banana for a deep conditioner for my twist-out look (last week). Remember I said I LOVED the feel of my hair after the wash - but didn't like the actual leftover banana in my hair. So this time I bought a strainer and pureed the banana and put it through the strainer, leaving the large banana parts in the strainer. I still had some banana left in my hair but MUCH LESS! I'm going to deep condition w/ banana tonight, trying a different technique with the strainer - I'll let you know how this works!

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