Hair Trial: Blow Out

On Sunday I borrowed my cousin's EXPENSIVE FHI blow dryer and Aveda brush *b/c I don't have anything* and planned to deep condition and co-wash my hair. I wanted to use banana again and try to puree it, but I had no bananas. So, I just used a conditioner from Earthly Delight for a deep conditioner and used my usual Aubrey Organics conditioner for the wash after. I was coming out a twist out, and for a minute I thought I may have 4a hair *I was excited*

To my disapointment (ok, honestly I was SUPER GEEKED about the coils I saw in this deep condition), after I washed it out and combed through it, my hair went back to its usual 4b self.
*Excuse my sopping wetness LOL!* But clearly there's a SIGNIFICANT difference in length and curl pattern here. Oh well, after the co-wash I put on my Aubrey Organics leave-in conditoner and sealed w/ Castor oil. I also used some FHI hot sauce that is a heat protectant and went to work on my hair.

Let me say that I have some THICK HAIR! I separated my hair into about 14 sections and dryed it section-by-section. I still don't know if I can do a blow out myself b/c my hair drying technique is NOT on point even with sectioning! head was hurting afterwards, lol and it was not even straight LOL, AGAIN! Despite the pain *thought pain + hair was finished when I went natural* the final product was FIERCE YA'LL!!!! I loved it!

I LOVED the volume and length...I felt that my hair looked so long! However, my hair felt SO DRY - moisture is a serious challenge for me. I made a homemade spritzer out of spring water, castor oil and a drop of conditioner. This mixture was not good for me - I think the conditioner is to viscous for the spritzer's spout, so basically I get no spritz out, lol. I got the idea from various blogs, but IDK how most ppl use this mixture as oil & water never mix - they're an EMULSION...I negated my technical learning and made it anyway but I won't do it again.

Note that these pictures were all taken Sunday. I twisted my hair for the night and the next day it was VERY DIFFICULT to get this look back. I'll admit I reached for the comb *on my DRY HAIR, I know that's a no-no* and just worked my wide-tooth comb through the partially straight part - not combing through the kinks at the very ends of my hair. I also used my fingers to comb through it. I wore my hair blown out today too but my ends are just absolutely kinky and I'm CONSTANTLY touching/picking/pulling at my hair. I'm going to braid/twist it today b/c I'm a no-stress kinda gal when it comes to hair and clearly blow-out styles are not conducive to my hair length goals.

However, the ultimate purpose of me blowing my hair out was to try a cute professional pin-up style. I'll let you know what I come up with tonight b/c I have an important conference to attend for work and I plan to be NATURAL and FIERCE, but I want to do something different. I'll update to let you know how it works out.

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