Happy (Early) New Year

Just thought I'd share some New Year joy with you before the celebrations begin. This is a picture of Naja from Christmas. I normally dress up, so I was sure to have a special dress for Naja. She tried to eat her dress, so I think she loved it.

Naja is wearing: Dress & Tights - Gap Kids; Clip - Giddy Giddy. If you look closely in the first picture, you can see the top of her tooth, the second front bottom tooth is slowly but surely following.

I will close this year with one of my favorite pictures of Naja, featuring a smile and a fist pump. She knows how celebrate! Thank you so much for all of your comments and support for 2011 - I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable New Year!



  1. Happy New Year. Naja is so beautiful and she looks so happy and bright.

  2. Look at the little misses all decked out in her holiday attire. She knows how to do it up! Happy (early) New Year wishes to you!

  3. So Cute Mo!!! Love the dress and the fist pump!

  4. Happy New Year to you and Naja. She is so pretty!!! .....and growing up so fast!!!


  5. My niece is adorbs. Love, love, love!

  6. haha. Can't wait for the day where she can understand your photo directions, but she won't know exactly what it means when you tell her to throw up a pinky ;)
    I can't believe she has teeth!! I need to come see my line-niece!!