Cards and Stamping

Hello Folks! I hope you all are enjoying the time off, I surely am. I took two additional days of vacation, my plans: relax! I spent this Christmas with my family, and had a blast playing games, eating, and just catching up. I know I've kind of fallen off the "blogging wagon," but I have been keeping busy with random bouts of crafting. Today's post highlights one of my "projects." I made personalized cards for my mom to give to some of our sorority sisters. (My mom and I are in the same sorority - Alpha Kappa Alpha).

One of my linesisters happened to be in town visiting and helped me create these cards. We had so much fun putting them together. To create the cards, I used the following tools for the three designs:

  • AKA: alphabet stamps (from Anthropologie), gloss embossing powder (from Michael's), tape (from Anthropologie)
  • 1908: number stamps (from Anthropologie), tape (from Anthropologie)
  • Rose: rose stamp (from Paper Source), glitter embossing powder (from Paper Source), and a string of pearl stickers (from Michael's)
The designs are adorable, and easily adaptable for other sororities, organizations, or just to have another pretty card. Send me a message if you want the details on how I got this look.


  1. These cards look fabulous! I know your sorors will love these cards.

    Confession: I've never even been to Anthropologie.

    p.s. I found a wrap recipe using sweet potatoes that I think you might like. It was actually in a photography book. Will send it your way. :-)

  2. Thank you Libby! I cannot believe you've never been to Anthro! If we ever meet up - we must meet there!!! :) Can't wait to see the sweet pot recipe!

  3. I know, right! lol

    * I've just tagged you in my blog:

  4. OMG Monique you have NOO idea how much money I have left in Anthropologie over the past 2 weeks. I think I may have paid the monthly light bill for the store. LOL!!!


  5. These are SO CUTE. We should do something like this for Beta Eta's 80th!

  6. @Jen S. - LOL, you and me both!!!

    @Linesister Lauren - first, I love that you typed 'Linesister Lauren' as you name! Second, I love that idea, you know I'm definitely down!!! Thanks!