Straight hair...gasp

Ok, this is the last time I will comment on the infrequency of my posting, lol, smh. I just think it's funny, and I really want to make a point of posting every week, but I don't/haven't.

So, focusing on the title of this post. I straightened my hair - not chemically - just with a little heat. Another thing, I didn't do it myself (or I would be looking like Condoleezza Rice), I got it done. While I was in the chair getting blown out and straightened, I was reminded of the HORROR, YES, AB-SO-LUTE HORROR of getting my hair done. The heat from the blow-dryer on my skin, heat from the ceramic iron on my scalp, brushing of my kinky hair, etc. I really wanted to take a nap when I got home. This pain is really just a custom among black women (at least among the black women I know).

Even worse, my ends were AWFUL! I had to get a trim, but healthy ends lead to more hair growth, so I wasn't upset about loosing the length. I was upset to find out that my regimen is not working - as evident by my rough ends.

The hair came out super cute though. I've totally been able to play "in-cog-negro" as folks have not even recognized me.

This is temporary. I will be back, happy and nappy soon I'm sure. Also, I'm encouraged to try more styling within protective styles - my goal will be one/week so that I do update more often.

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  1. Awww Mo, I've never seen you with straight hair, it's cute, brave girl to get bangs.