Minx Nails...apparently I'm late

Hey Everyone,

I'm getting ready for a vacation in LOVELY Honolulu, HI and I leave WEDNESDAY!  I've been running around like a crazy woman prepping for the trip.  As I was prepping, I checked my usual suspects for inspiration for vacation "looks".  As I did this I FINALLY came across the official name for a nail trend that's been out for a while and has been "hot" since 2009: MINX NAILS!

Rihanna sporting Obama Minx Nails

Regular Metallic Minx Nails

I want to minx my nails before my vacation.  Supposedly, they last for 1-2 weeks and they don't chip.  Essentially, it's a nail covering that sticks to the nail via heat.  They're super cute and I'm all in!  Check out the official Minx Nails website here.  Click here to find a local salon so that you too can get Minxed!

PS - Still don't know what I'm doing for my hair for the vacation...so pray for me, lol!

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