Neat professional bun

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed Memorial Day, I know I did!  It's been a while but I have a lot of new styles that I tried last week (serious hair ADD) so I should be able to post them throughout the week.  Also, I didn't forget about my book series, I'll keep those posts coming too!

Now for the topic at hand...Last week I had to prepare for an uber-conservative event.  So conservative that I was told to remove my nose ring :-0...this was a whole 'nother issue which I won't discuss here...Anyway, point is, I figured if I need to remove my nose ring for this event, I definitely need to make sure my hair matches this conservative event.  I put my hair into a neat bun using no brushes(surprisingly)! I believe brushes ruin hair edges, and mine have always been thin. Here are the pics...

My hair is pushing shoulder length stretched.  This is a great, quick professional style.

Tutorial: Wet hair so that it is damp to pull it back neatly.  Use your hands to smooth the hair to the place where you desire.  Once hair is pulled back use a banana clip to hold hair.  Use hair pins to fold hair back into a bun.
1. If your hair is kinky, Stretch your hair prior to doing this style to get the most length *I wore my hair in braids the night before*  Click here to see a kimmaytube video on how to stretch kinky hair - I learned from her :-)
2. If your hair is kinky, don't wet it too much or it will draw up too much and you may not be able to pull it back.
3. If you don't have enough hair for a full bun, fake it!  Check out Curly Nikki, here, for tips on faking a natural bun with a little extra help ;-).
Optional: Use Aloe vera gel to "smooth" edges, tie down with a scarf.  *I don't expect every hair to lay flat, but I did smooth it and tie it down with a scarf so it was fresh in the beginning of the day.*

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  1. Very neat. I've never actually tried to pull my hair up into a bun while dryor without the use of a brush. You've sparked my interest and I may just try this. It would be better for my edges. And when I normally do a bun, my hair is wet and loaded with gel to keep it smoothed down. Then I just wrap some "kinky twist hair" around my hair for a bun.