Brief Update 6.24.12 (and prior)

Ok folks, in my last update, I mentioned that this summer was busy, and it has not slowed down one bit! I had my first "grown folks" weekend since being a mom. I got a chance to hang out with my girls in NYC without Naja - she stayed home with Sonny & Mimi. I had a blast! There was lots of singing, eating, laughing and girl talk. I'm so grateful for my friends!!!

I have not taken any recent pictures of Naja with my dSLR. However, I always post a TON of pics on instagram. (Like this one of Naja representing my alma mater) Little miss thing is full on walking now, and sometimes she tries to run. In fact, she was in a triple threat (basketball) position recently during one of our outside play times.

To add to everything else from the summer, my cousin was recently engaged, and I'm the maid of honor! I'm absolutely delighted. However, if you notice sporadic posts - it's due to all of the exciting events that are happening this summer. I miss updating the blog more frequently, taking more pictures, and trying new recipes, but alas, I can't do everything. I hope you all are well, and enjoying your summer!!!


  1. The glam and the natural hair in these pics are lo ely. Love seeing pics of your daughter she is beautiful. Good to see other mommy bloggers of color out here. Keep up the good work

  2. I was just thinking of you today! So glad you had a blast. It sure looks like you all did. And Naja is too cute with her little basketball.

    Congrats to your cousin. And I know as Maid of Honor, you have some responsibilities on your hand. Enjoy the fun and fill us in whenever you can.

    Enjoy your summer!

  3. @Yedei - thanks, it's funny because when we were together we realized..."wow we're all #teamnatural - go figure!"

    @Libby - yes, your update made me realize I'm a bit overdue for one. Thanks for reading as always :)

  4. and hair talk! i am a thin type 4 hair natural who misses your hair posts!