Naja's 1st Halloween

I haven't updated you all on my little bear in quite a while. I thought Halloween would be a perfect venue to show off some pictures of my little one. Guess what Naja was for Halloween...

Yep - a sunflower - or some sort of flower! She looked absolutely even more adorable in person! I brought her into my office for a Halloween party with my co-workers and their families...and she didn't like it. Naja is not a fan of strangers crowding around her (and I don't blame her)! They can look - but they CANNOT CROWD! She cried, and wailed both at my office party, and when my mom took her out on Halloween. It was short-lived in terms of pictures during the actual festivities, so I took some pictures in the privacy of our home - where she's much more pleasant.

In other news - Naja is probably teething now. Her mouth is JUICY!!! She also is doing very-well with her hand-eye coordination, considering that her fist is ALWAYS in her mouth now. She can prop herself up very well - she's a strong little bear. Additionally, she seems to enjoy hanging out and dancing with mommy. On the weekends, I don't watch TV, but I do play a lot of music, and dance like nobody is watching. Naja joins in, moving her arms and legs when she's sitting in her chair, and I hate to admit it, but she's much better than me ;) - ha! You should see her dougie - hilarious! *I feel the need to get a portable video recorder to capture these moments - especially since I like video editing, it's a nice way to keep all parts of the family connected. She's 3-1/2 months now, can you believe it?