Lost Focus

I finally did it - I got a hair cut. Really, it's more of a hair shaping, and I love it. It ias exactly what I needed to channel my version of a Bad @ss Afro.

I know this picture is blurry, but I thought it still captured my fro's essence. I have no complaints about my hair for once, and I'm on Day 4 now. #winning.

If you're wondering about the cut, I went to a Deva Curl stylist at Modern Concepts Salon in Ashburne, VA named Alexa. She was not black, however she did have curly hair, and she knew what she was talking about. Those Deva Curl stylists know textured hair, Taren got her hair cut by one in NY, and she also did a very good job (click here to watch). I went to the salon with a fresh chunky twist-out. She cut my hair in its twist-out state (dry). She took about 4 inches off in the very back, and cut ~2 inches on the sides, and pieces here and there. She didn't charge me, because the amount she cut was minimal. However, it's crazy how much of a difference a couple of inches can make to a shape. I would definitely recommend her.


  1. This is so you! I LOVE it! Rock on, girl. Rock on. :-)

  2. Gorgeous! I need a new hairstyle thanks for the inspiration! :)

  3. Thank you Libby & Mrs. J, I really do love it!