I'm Back & Have Lots to Share!!!

**UPDATED, the pics didn't show up the first time, you should be able to see them now***
I had to take a brief break from posting due to the craziness that normally comes in the beginning of a year.  I think I'm on a regular schedule now so I'm back to blogging...

Last time I wrote, I discussed hair goals for 2010.  I've tried a couple of different hairstyles since then b/c I needed to spice things up in my life!  Check them out:

Cinnabun style on twist-out hair

 Here's a link to my original Cinnabun post.  I added a headband to the front this time.

Kiddie-inspired style from Texture Playground.




Here's a direct link to the original style for which this was inspired by.  If you have a little one, the original link has a handful of style options for kids, check it out!

If you're a "big girl" like me, you may be wondering why I'm using a kiddie-style for my hair.  Well...I think we have more creativity in our hair styling with our little ones than we do with ourselves.  Granted some of the styles are "young" but I would argue that we can morph them into adult-appropro styles.  That's what I tried to do with this style.  I think I did well!

"Tutorial:" Plat two medium size twists in the front.  Plat two braids on the side of your head (near the temple and above the ear) and pin them back with a bobby pin.  Plat 7-10 twists in the back section.  Pin them with bobby pins to make an 'X'.  VOILA!  Add a clip/pin for decoration (optional).

You can pin the twists in the back however you want.  Try a bun, fold them into a cool shape/design.  Be creative!  Depending on your hair's length you may have more options with what to do with the back section, the 'X' was my best option for my hair's length.

I will gradually update this with the other styles I've been sporting.  I have a FIERCE, FIERCE braidout on its way!!!


  1. Hi Sam, thanks, the pics should show up now!

  2. Both of these styles are really cute! :)

  3. I loVe that 1st pic!
    U have such a niCe smiLe :-)

  4. @ Michelle & Amma Mama, thanks! I rarely smile in my pics for my blog, lol.