Finally, my "Hot FIRE" Braid Out

**UPDATED** I obviously have some serious computer issues since it takes a couple times for me to download them right :-x
Last time I blogged, I ranted about a FABULOUS braid-out that I did. are the pics...
Day 1
**Excuse my facial expression, lol @ me trying to be fierce.
Day 2

You can see that my Day 2 braid-out is much more shrunken than my Day 1 braid-out.  Probably due to the fact that I shower without a cap and the moisture causes it to draw up.  The picture doesn't do this style justice, it was big and SO CUTE!  I kept this style for 2.5 days, anymore leads to crazy knots for me, the style also shrinks as I move along.

Tutorial: Plat A LOT (idk the exact number, at least 40) braids, (I kept them in for a week) take them out, fluff with your favorite moisturizer.

This winter weather is making it extremely hard to maintain moisture.  As long as I'm not going out, I'm keeping my hair in protective styles.


  1. your pictures never show up the first time, LOL.

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  3. So cute :o)
    I struggle with whether I want a center part when I wear curly hair out??? Now if I do a braid out, I would have to also curl/ rod the braids...Hmmmmm...I may try. Did you style your braids that week, or just loose box braids?

  4. Thanks! I debate about the part thing too, I do it based on what my hair wants to do.

    In this pic, I did style my braids in my typical "rolled to the back with a center part" style for the week. Thus, the part fell naturally for the braid-out.

    I like to braid/twist my hair into a certain style (i.e. to one side or down the middle) to give the styles more flair. This only helps the braid/twist-outs look better.

  5. Very CUte! I'm feeling that 1st pic a lot because your "smiZing"-->(smiling with your eyes) as Tyra Banks would

  6. Thanks Amma Mama - I try to smize in all my pics, but I normally FAIL, lol!