Various Hair Styles: Braid/Twist, Straws & Big French Braid

I totally went on a hiatus, but that's ok b/c like I said before, I have yet to get a real blog "followers" base, which is fine. Not to mention, I was experiencing some [hear church music playing in back] "life changes."

Quick Half-Marathon/Running Update: My running buddy from work left for grad school so I'm running on my own time now. It's tough to stay motivated at times so I'm desperately looking for a running buddy. Last Saturday when I ran I got caught in the middle of a rain storm and ran with 10 pounds of water on me - [in sarcastic voice] it was great! Last Sunday I ran another 5 miler. I did 2.5 on Tuesday *I had eaten a burger for lunch so that was a TOUGH 2.5*. I will also try to run today.

Hair updates!!! Style Trials
I've really been looking at my hair like...damn, should I have kept my locs? I love being natural, it's nothing about that, but this thick ish on my head is A LOT OF WORK!!! Locs were very low maintenance, and best of all - I always looked good (i.e. my hair was always 'done'). I have been keeping up with trying new styles.

Me with another half braided/twist do (front/back views):

This was cute for me, and it lasted very well.

Here's a pic of me trying a straw set. It failed HORRIBLY on my hair. I mean, you can definitely tell I tried it, but I just didn't like the look for me.

FINALLY, I've been seeing all these long-haired girls with these big side-swiped french braids. I LOVE the style and totally wanted to try it for myself. So I did! I did have to blow dry my hair to get the length necessary for the braids. However, I love the style so much (and hate to blow-dry) so I might see if my hair is long enough for the style if I let it air dry in bantu knots.

I only parted it in the front half and had the two braids meet in the back. I kept this style for 5 days and took out the back half when I was tired of it - still very cute!

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