Hair bliss

My last excerpt was a true b!tch session, lol. As I continue to think about what I want to do with my hair, I realize that my hair struggles are directly connected with personal acceptance of my hair. Thus, I've concluded that right now, I'm struggling with accepting my hair. I hate to say it, but it's true.

One of the more recent posts from The Natural Haven discussed a concept of a 'hair utopia.' It was a great read - check it out! Readers were encouraged to comment on their own view of a hair utopia. It was evident that some women struggle with various "challenges" in being natural. However, there were other women who saw no struggle in being natural - after all, we're NATURAL - there shouldn't be any difficulty there! These women re-affirmed their beauty and accepted their hair for what it is.

I pondered these ideas of a hair utopia and I know that I haven't reached mine. I thought of my current acceptance issues with my hair: shrinkage & hair loss (from weekly detangling), attractiveness (tiny bit)*. I can't change the shrinkage rate of my hair. The best, protective styles for me, result in the most shrinkage. My question is, if I can't accept this, should I lock my hair again?

*For attractiveness, I sometimes do think I look better with more of the 'big hair' or stretched natural styles and straight hair styles than my traditional two-strands

I've got to be able to accept my hair for what it is...I long to reach my own hair utopia, and bliss!

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