Where Did the Love Go?

Okay, so I've been blogging for one week now and already it took me like 6 days for an updated post...I'm sure I'll get better as I get more acquainted with this.

So, FYI - I really haven't cooked anything recently, but I'm going to look through some cookbooks today with the hopes of cooking something DELISH tonight!

I have been running, and I messed with my hair recently. My running update is quick - so that first...I ran on Thursday, Sunday and Monday, about 3 miles each day, the majority of the run consisted of actual running more each day. Now, I can run 2.5 miles straight at a decent pace w/o stopping. WHOO!

SWITCHING GEARS...For my hair...check it out...

So, I did a braid set last week that actually turned out really cute (unfortunately, I forgot to take pics...sorry). So I like braids for protective styles, but not for events where I know my picture will be taken! So, I had an event to go to on Saturday, and I took the braids out Friday after 1 week of the braids.*DIGRESS - Taking those braids out took FOREVER* I was able to do a cute bang/fro look w/ the braid out look.
Forgive me for the second pic - my 10 yr old bro took it & I wasn't ready...I LOVED this look, unforch, the next day, the braid out crinkle was gone, and I ended up doing a cute flat twist up-do thing for my Saturday event (which I forgot to take a pic of too :/).

After Saturday, the twist up-do was okay (I don't think I did it tight enough), and I took it out and wore a crazy fro.

Maybe it's not SOOO crazy, but I will say that my little elastic band thing that I use to pull it back does give me headaches...SMH.

So, on Sunday it was about time for a co-wash (1 week since the last one) b/c whenever I wear a fro, my hair is moisture-depleted really quickly. I decided to take some inspiration from my FAVORITE BLOG, Black Girl Long Hair . The editor, L, suggested using banana for a deep condition, and she said it didn't work well for her (L's banana Review), however I REALLY liked the idea of putting banana in my hair (lol), so I did it anyway. My recipe:
1 Banana
1/2 cup water
2 tspns ACV
1 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp honey

In the end, I concur w/ L's review as I was picking banana out of my hair all day the next day and during the co-wash, but I can say the moisture I felt in my hair was AMAZING! After the banana conditioner I used another wash-out conditioner, then another leave-in conditioner both from Aubrey Organics and divided my hair up to total of about 8 big twists. I also added some castor oil to each twist section, before twisting. I went to bed and let it air dry. The next day, I did some really small twists to help get rid of the rest of the banana. The twists are super cute, and my hair is SHINING!

*This pic is also the morning after, it looked even better yesterday and I haven't oiled it since the castor oil seal after my co-washes.

In summary:
1. I'm running 2.5 miles now!
2. If you do a protective style, plan it b/c it should last more than 1 week.
3. If you want to use banana, you definitely need a mortar & pestle and some type of strainer to prevent the "bad stuff" from staying in your hair. Let's just hope we can still extract the "good stuff" using these tools*I may be investing in some tools soon as I like the idea of making stuff (Remember, I studied chemical engineering so I like mixing stuff together!)

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