My First Day

So, I've contemplated blogging since I first moved to Philadelphia. I thought it would be a cool way to keep me busy. However I then came to the conclusion that I shouldn't blog b/c I thought I wouldn't write everyday and I thought I was pretty boring. I don't know that much has changed about me in the past year (i.e. I'm still pretty boring), but I did decide to blog. So here it is. My goal for this blog is to write about a couple of key topics, mainly the things I love/hate. *DIGRESS - There's such a thin line between love and hate, and some of the things I love, I sometimes hate (i.e. hair), SMH* So topics: food, music, hair, holistic health and whatever else may come to mind.

Another goal is for this blog to not be all over the place, so I'll try to label the various posts accordingly to keep things organized. Since I'm in Philly, some items (I.e. restaurant critiques) will be specific to the city.

Just in case I do generate a "following" lol, I thought I would introduce myself and talk about the inspiration for my blog name: SoFull Sista. So, I like the play on words in the title "SoFull" - if you speak slowly, it almost sounds like 'soulful' - but the actual spelling 'so full' has so many more meanings. I see myself as a wild & crazy beautiful black woman who truly appreciates life. I love eating, cooking, music, fashion and living!

Some inspirations for me starting this blog were:
1. Untwisting my dreadlocks to rock my afro *Power to the people*
2. Getting off my lazy @ss and deciding to run a half marathon in November
3. Moving into my own box studio apartment in a new section of Philadelphia

So this is some of me, in a nutshell, hopefully I won't be too long-winded ALWAYS!

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed. I know you'll have lots to talk about and I can't wait to read about all the Philly "stuff" and your cooking adventures.:)