Dining & Running

DISCLAIMER (before I start my shpiel): Everything written is IMO, take it for what it's worth (but I'm normally pretty dead on...[in sarcastic voice] right).

My food scale:
5 - Spectacular! I.e. OMG, can I order 10 more plates of this
4 - Close to spectacular, I.e. Better than my cooking but nothing extraordinary
3 - So, so, I.e. I could have eaten at home for this
2 - Not awful, but not good, I.e. Not my cup of tea
1 - Awful, I.e. Wowsers, this really was a bad night

So, yesterday, my dad came into town because he had a business meeting the next day. So, naturally, he took me out for dinner and we ate at one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES in Philadelphia: Continental-Midtown.

We ordered the following:
Cheesesteak Eggrolls - 4: If you like beef or cheesesteaks, you MUST get the eggrolls - I mean, you have to, you're in Philly!
BBQ Chicken Quesadillas - 5: The BBQ Quesadillas provide the perfect blend of sweet/salty with the BBQ sauce mixed with the cool avocado spread - it's so satisfying to the palette.
Lamb Flatbread - 5: It was my first time trying the lamb flatbread and it was DELISH! This tapa totally hit the palette with a nice salty flavor and the lamb was extremely tender.
Cantonese Spring Rolls - 2: Although the pinch of lime added a nice refreshing taste, the rolls themselves did not have a lot of flavor. I found myself eating them and feeling that they were bland.
Carrot Cake - 4: Bite-size quantity, but still good. Plus it has no nuts or raisins...my kind of cake! *Carrot cake it's my all-time-life fave*

After (I mean literally 15 minutes after) I finished eating I went to meet a co-worker to run. I'll just say that it wasn't 100% a bad idea. I walked ran for 40 minutes total (okay, probably about 7 minutes were walking). Total, I ran at least 3 miles. I'm trying to figure out how to build up my endurance so that I don't feel like crap after the first 15 minutes. However, it is not easy! I was supposed to run for 30 minutes at a medium pace (says my Unrealistic Training Plan). Total I probably did 15 minutes medium/hard and 18 minutes easy. I'm open for any suggestions about building my endurance for this medium/hard pace long run.

[In my best MLK, Jr. Voice] I have a dream...that one day I'll be able to run a whole 30 minutes at a medium pace without walking...I have a dream!

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