Naja's 2nd Birthday Party

Pictures are from Naja's second birthday party (and after party for the last one). Photographed by my good friend B

Hello out there!!! It's been pretty quiet on the blog since I've been getting acclimated to being a student again. I'm in Pittsburgh in orientation reviewing things like accounting and calculus, and attending lots of happy hours networking with my classmates.

I've been thinking a lot about how I can fit my blog into my schedule, and I've finally verbalized that I have to schedule time to write my blog posts. Who wants to schedule time to do fun stuff? Not me, but it's necessary if it's going to happen these days. I no longer have time to blog "when I get a chance" - because that's never.

My goal is to post one to two times per week. One post will surround my love for food. Now that Naja is a full-on toddler, she eats just as much as I do some days, I'll aim to post our weeknight meals. The second post will be a toss up on style post, or a general lifestyle post. I would love to create more dialogue around being a working mom on my blog. I think it's relevant, and it's something I'm growing more passionate about these days. I have attended some phenomenal events that have learned some things that are applicable for everyone - those with and without kids, and stay-at-home and working moms/dads.

I'm aiming to kick this new schedule off in September. That's all for now - I hope that you're all well. Peace.


  1. She is such a cutie! Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. I'm eager to participate in the working mom convos! I've actually been going back & forth about starting a blog myself. I've come to the same conclusion, that I would need to schedule time to blog. Since I'm a procrastinator that means I would have to make sure I get the necessary stuff done b4 blogging though so my lazy behind hasn't gotten past blogging as just a thought. Looks like everything is going well with you and Naja! She is growing so fast! Blessings to you & your family & I'll be back soon for more updates!

    -Rhonda <3

  3. Time really is flying by. You've got a lot going on over these months. Wishing you all the best with school. :-)