Spring 2013 Updates

Let me summarize the last few months in a handful of pictures with an explanation of everything below...

We've been enjoying the warm weather: Naja found a nice place to perch herself
I've been hanging out with friends & socializing more - I needed it: A little face beat before a night out with my girls
Have gone back to Philly once over the past few months: Dosa from the Philadelphia Chutney Company
Still doing a lot of stuff with my sorority: At one of my sorority chapter's community events
Still trying to eat healthy: Spiced chickpeas, mashed avocado, vegan pesto & grilled asparagus for breakfast - why not?
Loving this girl: All smiles
Watching her socialize and grow up: Hanging out with some "big girls" at a Jack & Jill picnic 
No reason for this pic other than I love it: My little model
Summer weather finally broke: Hanging outside on a weekday after work - Naja loves to sit on the ground like this

Hair: My most recent cut & hair style

(All pics taken with my iPhone & most posted to my Instagram page @mowitafro)

So first I will address hair for Naja and me because that's the heart of where this blog started.  As for my cut, I was inspired by Zuriworks, a wonderful organization who help cancer patients and encourage women not to be afraid to cut it all off! I am not my hair! As for Naja - this girl has A TON of hair, and she hates getting it done. I was opting for protective styles via cornrows, but she barely lets me detangle on a wash day! I've tried snacks, movies, everything. She hates getting her hair done. Thus, she's been rocking a fro and honestly - her fro is a show-stopper and gets rave reviews. I spritz it at night and in the morning and add oil and Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie to help keep it moisturized.

Off of hair...the past few months have been very eventful in a wonderful way. I have been fairly busy with a few things. You may remember I hinted that something big may be coming my way, and I'm finally ready to make my announcement...I'm going to business school full-time in the fall at Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business in Pittsburgh, PA!

It's crazy and unfathomable the way things just work out sometimes. For those of you who know me personally, you know that I was in the process of applying to b-school right around the time I found out I was expecting (Winter 2010). Knowing then that I'd be a single mom, I didn't think b-school would be a possibility anymore. Especially since I wanted to go full-time, and I wanted to go to an elite program (Top 20), but how would I, or could I do that as a single mom?

Sometimes, you just have faith and let God work things out - and He worked things out AGAIN - financially,  socially, personally, I have a ton of support all around, and I'm so incredibly grateful. In short, I received a fellowship to cover tuition, and my parents live in a suburb of Pittsburgh, so we're staying with them (again). Praise the Lord for minimum grad school debt - I couldn't have asked for more!

My job knows about business school now, and I'm working there through the end of June. I'm taking off some time for a few b-school related conferences to attend, and then I'm using the month of July to not work at all to take a few road trips, hang out with Naja, and relax before school starts in August.

My focus in school will be in strategy, with a focus on analyzing market research to make recommendations for larger business decisions regarding trades, sales, acquisitions, or brand changes. I would love to leverage my MBA into the retail space, which means blogging more could actually help me with these new career goals. I'm looking forward to the new scene. I've gained a lot of perspective on life in the past two years. I'm ecstatic about what's to come...I hope you guys are going to join me on this new journey.

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  1. WOW! Congrats on your acceptance to such a great school! And I am LOVING yours and Naja's hair!

  2. You and Naja look great! You have so many wonderful twists and turns in your life. I'm looking forward to sharing in your new adventure with you. :-)

  3. Naja is such a doll! Her fro is so adorn! Also, your face does NOT look beat! It looks great! Congrats on b-school! YOU WILL LOVE IT!

  4. OMG she's so big, and cute! Love the cut.

  5. Congrats congrats congrats! Wishing you luck and success with school!

  6. Hi there, long time reader and lurker. Im so happy for you and Naja in this new journey of your life! Congratulations! wishin you all nothing but happiness :) aint that little girl of your super adorable! Everything works out in the end when we just need to trust!