September Updates

Happy Friday folks! I've been a little better snapping pictures of Naja, although she is incredibly difficult to catch these days. As soon as she sees the camera, she walks up to me and wants to look at pictures, or she runs away like we're about to start a game of hide and seek. I think we're well past due for some updates on the little one so here goes...

Naja is growing like weeds these days. She's pretty tall for her age - but she doesn't have a lot of girth. I'm still cloth diapering her, and she's long off the bottle and uses sippy cups with a straw. She is starting to formulate some words/sounds. To name a few, she says "buh" for book and "bah" for bath, and she says "Woof woof" whenever she sees a dog. She also says three words very clearly now:
  1. "agua" for water - yep, she's bilingual - JK - agua is much easier to say than water
  2. "Naja" to refer to herself, because she speaks in third person often and loves the sound of her own name...
  3. "Momma" It may sound crazy, but whenever Naja sees a picture of me, she calls me "Naja" or "Momma". When I point out that I'm Momma, she sometimes points to herself calling herself "Momma". So, basically - we're both Momma and Naja.
This stage of motherhood is a busy one! I can tell I'm going to have lots of fun stories raising this little one!

As for me - I'm rearing up for the last week before my cousin's wedding. I passed my sign off for the new role I assumed at work, and I have a new look.

The glasses are prescription - I wear them for distance, and while sitting at the computer at work. As for my hair - I cut it...why? well...why not? Peace.

On Naja: 1 & 4: top - gift; leggings - gap kids; sneakers - baby zara |  2 & 5 - tutu dress - gapkids; boots - baby zara | 3 & 6: top - target; skirt - baby zara |


  1. "I cut it...why? well...why not? Peace." LOL You know I love short hair. :D Cute shape! Love the specs!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

  3. Naja in all her wonderful personalities! So precious and so expressive. And your haircut looks very good. :-)

  4. Your daughter is such a pretty girl!!!

  5. omg! she is a cutie.

  6. Cute frames!!!
    I've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Feel free to participate. :)

  7. Your daughter is adorbs.

    I just ordered a new pair of tortoise shell glasses that look just like those from Coastal Contacts. I plan on doing and un-boxing and review on them when I get. Great minds think alike! :)

  8. You look great, love the haircut, love the glasess, and your baby is beautiful! Looks like all is well! Hey! :)


    The Kris Bliss