Painting that we did for some decorations for Naja's birthday party
 Naja winding down at a family picnic with her great-grandmother
Personal invitations for my cousin's bridal shower
Hanging in Philly with old friends - I'm such a ham :)
 Naja's new, favorite face - she does this any time I say " Say Cheese"

Is it just me, or did this summer fly by? I cannot believe it's late August. This summer was packed with a lot of action - most of which was not captured by the camera lense, but it was fun and eventful nonetheless. Some items from this summer include:

Visit to Philly to hang with my college friends
Moving out into our own space & repurposing half of the furniture in it
Naja's 1st birthday (and party)
My cousin got engaged, and I'm her MOH!
Weaning Naja - drinks up ;)
Locking my hair...and then not locking it (again)
Training for a marathon...

I met up with so many friends and family these past few months, it was a wonderful reminder of how blessed I am to have kind, caring, and loving people in my life. While I'm a bit saddened to say goodbye to summer, I am looking forward to things slowing down in the fall. I like the cool weather - the turning of leaves...and I can't wait to get Naja outside in the snow!!! I know, we have to get to fall before winter...

I hope to blog more in the coming weeks - I have some pictures from my trip to Philly that I'd like to share, and I want to share some of my furniture repurposing projects, so there's more to come!

To my readers - thanks for hanging in there with me. It really means a lot when I read comments even when my posting is sparse. This corner of the internet is really special to me, and I appreciate the support and encouraging words you provide.


  1. You're such a ham? I think Naja might be too. LOL

    You've had quite a few busy months. I can't wait to hear more about everything! (When you get the time, of course.) I wish you were closer. I want to sign up for this 5K in October and so far it looks like I might have to go at it alone. It's a women's only event. I guess I'll just have to tell you about it after the fact. :-)

    Wishing you the best in your new space, weaning Naja, and all of the future events. Hoping also for a big sigh of relief in the fall when things slow down. I love autumn!

  2. Is it sad that I use this blog to keep in touch with you? Okay well it's more like stalking than keeping in touch.

    Congrats on moving into your own space & to Naja for reaching 1 year (has it been that long already?) !

  3. It does seem like summer just flew by. Glad to see you enjoyed it. Naja is a cutie pie!

  4. I love your updates. Wow! Naja is no longer a baby now. How quickly they grow! Glad you're doing well. Take care.

  5. Nice photos! Especially the last one!!! Naja is so cute!
    It seems I'm having the opposite, slow summer. But, things are starting to speed up for Fall! I'm looking forward to it though!

  6. You had a very eventful summer, sounds like it was great. Naja is beautiful. Always glad to see you so happy. Continue to enjoy

  7. That "cheese" face is too cute!

  8. Hello! I am your newest follower!! I love your blog and your daughter is GORGEOUS! can't wait to see more from you! :) Hope you can follow back!



  9. Thank you for all of the lovely comments everyone!

    @Libby - oh we are both total hams!

    @Rhonda - that is not bad at all - that's one of the benefits to the internet for me :)

    @Rachel - thank you, and welcome. I will definitely check out your blog :)

  10. Your daughter is just too beautiful!!!