The Beach

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Key Largo, and specifically - Naja's first time at the beach! The beach was not adjacent to a real body of water, but the sand was real, and so was the water she splashed in! Naja's Bathing Suit & Hat - Target.

Our day at the beach was spent with Naja observing everything, and slowly playing with her surroundings. She likes to be eased in to things. For example, she likes "flying" in the air, but if you quickly lift her up - she'll scream; however, if you slowly raise her to the sky - she's as happy as can be! Thus, I slowly introduced her to the water, first allowing her to stand and splash, and we eventually moved to sitting in the pool, and then moving around in a floaty tube. She ended up splashing herself quite a bit, and found the entire event quite interesting! I wish I had more pictures of her in the pool, but I was in them, and well, let's just say I don't want my d├ęcolletage on the net.

So we go back to the beach. She liked the sand so much, she tried to eat some...speaking of eating things she shouldn't eat - Naja is really fast now. Nearly one month ago, I could easily catch her from putting something in her mouth with a delayed response. However now - I must be quick, or any and every thing is easily in her mouth! I tell you, once they hit six months, those motor skills are in full gear, and you have to have your eye on them at ALL TIMES!  Crawling is right around the corner...

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  1. Your hair looks so fierce in the 1 pic above. You and your chocolate princess look just beautiful!!!