Mini Update

I had a FA-BU-LOUS weekend with my LS's!!! I love them dearly - so beautiful, so strong, and FABULOUS!!!'s a pic of us partying it up at Luxe in DC.

We had a great can't necessarily tell what my hair looks like, but I was rocking a twist-out, which I pinned up with cute clips *they had polka dots on them* and bobby pins.  Here are a couple more close-up pics of my hair. *I forgot to take some official pictures when it was fresh, but this will still give an IDEA of what it looked like.

Please ignore the guys in the background...I really like this style.  I was wearing my hair twisted in two-strands last week and rocked a twist-out this week.  I'm doing pretty well with my "less detangling" theory.

I'm hoping to try a new style out sometime this week - got it from one of my fav natural hair blogs: BGLH.  Will post results and more later this week...


  1. Hi,

    if you go on google and search for 4C you will find what you are looking for. If you are interested i can look at my google acct and give you the names. i have some blogs references here :
    check for ms fizzy

  2. @Kadiane - Thanks for the blog suggestions, I'll definitely check them out